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Download Intel Driver Alienware Laptop Install Update

Lapys May 27, , 5: The problem has been resolved. See my last post 2 or 3 posts down. So I realized that my girlfriend's Alienware laptop, which I bought back in June of last year, is running on integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics to be exact. I'm not sure if it was always running on integrated graphics, or if it switched over due to a bios patch or driver or something. The model of the laptop is the M17X R4. I've tried updating drivers for both standard VGA adapters and the integrated graphics, but the device manager is simply not detecting the Radeon card.

You can't install AMD drivers or even run Catalyst Control Center because it can't detect that there is a relevant card to interface with. I've tried disabling the integrated graphics card and rebooting, no luck.

After rebooting I was however able to install drivers automatically, but it was for the standard VGA controller, and had nothing to do with the card. Again, nothing to do with the card. Even after I disabled the integrated graphics. I've tried looking at this menu with the integrated graphics both enabled and disabled, but nothing is different.

That's about everything I've tried. Also, I haven't seen people having much success flashing the BIOS, but if it's something I need to try, I guess I'm willing as long as it doesn't screw up the whole system. It's still under warranty, but I'd much prefer to fix it myself than send it off if I can. Any comments or suggestions would be very helpful and appreciated. More about dedicated graphics integrated alienware laptop. Here is a thread started at Alienware's support website.

I would read it and try what they said, which I think you covered most of it already. I would then contact them for any follow up support. Here is another link to check out too. Lapys May 27, , 6: Thanks for the response. I upgraded to the most recent BIOS and it didn't help the problem. Might have to contact Alienware support after all. Games use integrated over dedicated. AMD solved Laptop using integrated graphics instead of dedicated gpu. Can't find your answer?

I would start with Alienware first and see what they say. I'm sure it's something there, but they haven't posted it on their site at least not that I could find. Lapys May 27, , 4: I fixed the problem. The issue apparently was that the laptop came with no drivers for the AMD card even installed. I've heard that if you get drivers from the manufacturer, you run the risk of the Switchable Graphics option not working at all at least with NVIDIA cards.

Right there, below the updates for the integrated graphics, was a driver download for the AMD card. I downloaded this, ran it, rebooted, and voila! Device Manager recognizes the card, the Switchable Graphics option is now available when I right click on the Desktop, and after setting an application to run in high performance a game, for instance , it starts using the card whenever you use that application and stops when you're not.

Just had to enable the program in the Switchable Graphics menu. I don't know how to set this as the answer, but this is how I fixed the problem. So the forum topic can be considered answered. MySchizoBuddy Dec 8, , 9: How do you permanently enable the dedicated graphics card even when on a battery. Most laptops will automatically disable it when on battery power. I'm using mine for CUDA and hence need it to be enabled at all times. I don't care if the battery dies off quickly.

I had the same problem but what i did was Downloaded Nvidia GeForce experience and the required drivers for my card. Disabled my on board intel graphics in device manager. At this point i am now using my Nvidia GTX card but the Nvidia control panel was saying there isn't a display attached to your device so then i did the next measures I rebooted and the Found New hardware came up I then opened up GEForce Experience and it said i had new drivers to download, so i downloaded them and then rebooted.

I rebooted and all is working perfect and i dont have to switch back and forth between cards. I'd rather just use my Nvidia for everything. Ask a new question. Subscribe to our newsletter.

Download Intel Driver Alienware Laptop

Dell Alienware M14x R2 Windows 7 Drivers

Lapys May 27, , 5: The problem has been resolved. See my last post 2 or 3 posts down. So I realized that my girlfriend's Alienware laptop, which I bought back in June of last year, is running on integrated graphics Intel HD Graphics to be exact.

Dell Alienware M14x Drivers for Windows 7/8

Download Intel Driver Alienware Laptop

Serious gamers who rely on the fastest components, graphic cards and memory to achieve the highest frame rates for their favourite games look to keep their Alienware drivers updated to the most stable release. Such is the popularity of Alienware they now sell a whole range of apparel direct on their website, but it is the PC hardware which holds the most interest. Complex and powerful an Alienware product is only capable of reaching maximum performance levels when all the software including graphics card drivers are kept up to date. Virtual Reality For a better gaming experience Alienware have teamed up with HTS and Oculus to bring first person gaming a new dimension. Alienware Laptops There are three main models of gaming laptop: If your Alienware laptop is suffering from slow down or performance issues, then the first step is to uninstall any mods or games that you no longer use. Follow this up with a system defrag and finally, update the Alienware drivers. You can go direct to the Dell support website and download direct or install using our recommended driver update tool. All new Alienware desktops are installed with Windows 10 — if you need to update drivers on a different Windows OS such as 8, or XP then you can visit the Dell depositary driver site or use software to find and update the drivers for you. There is a third option on the website and that is to scroll down a little further and browse through the differing menus and option trees to manually find the right product and then model number. Because Dell has thousands of products, sometimes older versions of drivers can be difficult to find and download. At Driver Detective we review the best tools to have all your drivers updated at once.

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