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Canon Printer Driver Uninstall Install Update

Generally, in Windows Vista, it is necessary to delete the printer before removing its driver. Therefore, in Print Management. Microsoft Online Community Support. A client of mine is having the same issue. For me this printer was never locally attached but a shared printer on the domain directory had been its orignally installation source. This meant it was to be from the Vista Biz machine. It alerted me that an older driver exists and needed removed.

So I went first through Printer into Server Properties as Administrator and attempted to remove the listed Canon driver. So I cannot install the software as I cannot remove some artifact that is being stubborn. I decided to call the manufacturer, Canon, for support. After spending an hour or so with someone in Virginia I was unable to remove the driver. This tech could not grasp the scenario I just articualated and the whole experience was a bit frustratrating.

So I've tried some other ideas but none has worked. Since this printer was shared the tech believed that some print job was hanging up the process and that I would have to physically check every machines print spooler to be assured of success.

As of now that effort hasn't paid off but I have a lot of PC's to check still. This is a very painful experience. OK a little dramatic title but it has been a contest of wills. This Vista machine had 12 different user profiles that I had to go through one by one and look for and remove the artifact of the previosly AD published Canon printer.

Once the last profile had it removed it would then allow me to fully remove the driver package. Hope someone gains from my pain. I did something similar to robertbackus, but I didn't have to restart the machine. Open Print Management Open command prompt, type in printmanagement. Install new printer driver. The resolution is all about timing. I have tested this both on Vista and Windows 7.

I hope this helps some of you from banging your heads on wall. Letting the script instantly remove the driver after Print Spooler has been restarted usually works. Thank you so much Davinci!! Took a couple of tries to get the timing down just right, but it worked like a charm!! Took me about 5 tries to restart the spooler service and click remove print driver before I got the timing right.

Trick seemed to be, as soon as you click restart service, start clicking remove driver dont wait for it, or you'll be too slow. I had a similar situation- couldn't remove drivers from Remote Desktop Session Host servers w2k8r2. After trying everything I could think of I didn't try the "Magic Timing" method mentioned above I finally manually removed the drivers and their files.

I scanned the key for my problem driver name, opend the "Dependent Files" key and noted all of the assiciated files as well as the files mentioned in the other keys- deleted all of them on the system itself C: C'mon Microsoft- look at all of the posts on the internet and even on your own technet sites about this problem and FIX it. I waste a day trying to get a driver off of a machine. That's wasted time I can little afford. This is not working for me. Still getting "The specified printer driver is currently in use".

BTW for an x64 Win7 system the command syntax is. Then we stopped print spooler 3. We renamed all Print Processors that were listed. Like Winprint to Winprint. We started print spooler 6. Renamed back all Print Processors back to Winprint. Restart print spooler Installed new printer drivers The above procedure was found at http: Your Information helped me remove the right Files in the Folder C: A restart and a driver installation later my colleague was able to print on our new Canon Printer properly.

I tried to remove using Print Server, Regedit, and a lot of fixes that i found, but only this works. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use.

Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Remove From My Forums. Windows Vista IT Pro. Windows Vista Printing https: For hardware-specific issues, please use the Windows Vista Hardware forum.

Sign in to vote. I have been attempting to uninstall some print drivers to install new versions. I'm unable to do this. The specified printer driver is currently in use".

It doesn't matter which print driver I attempt to delete the message is the same. After a couple of hours on the phone with both Canon and HP, we're all stumped as to why I'm unable to delete any these print drivers.

I have no problem deleting them from XP, but niether Vista system will allow it. Any help out there? Tuesday, January 15, 2: Wednesday, January 16, 6: Tuesday, March 11, This is what worked for me on a Windows 64 bit system. Open the control panel and then open printers and then choose the printer you want to remove and delete it. Then reboot the computer and when it is running again open control panel and then open printers.

When you get to printers if you do not see the File, Edit, etc menus at the top press the alt key and that will bring them up, it sometimes takes two presses. Open the file menu and choose run as an administrator, then choose server properties and then drivers and click on the driver you want removed and remove it.

Choose the option to remove the entire package. If, at this point, you get a message that the files were not removed because in use reboot the computer and repeat the process. You should see that the printer desired to be removed no longer shows up in the list of drivers. If by any chance this does not work go into regedit and search for and remove all references to the printer.

I do not think that will be necessary. Proposed as answer by Tony Rony Saturday, September 5, Wednesday, January 14, 8: I just wanted to warmly thank you for your post. I was having a very similar problem with a different model Canon that had been installed to my system as a network attached printer. However, my new need required that I install it directly instead. Since I already knew there were newer drivers for it, I didn't bother with the installation CD that came with the printer; I just went to the Canon Web site, downloaded the latest drivers, and I tried to run the Canon installation utility.

Imagine my disappointment when the Canon driver installation utility complained about finding an older version on my system and didn't offer to remove it. Then three hours of frustration finally ended after finally finding YOUR message immediately above.

Perhaps it's because I don't use the native Vista interface. Saturday, September 5, Friday, November 13, Saturday, November 14, 3: Keep this window open and highlighted on the driver you want to delete Open comand prompt as administrator Type: You have only a couple of seconds before the system locks itself again. Proposed as answer by Davinci Tuesday, April 27, 3: Tuesday, April 27, 3: Or you can just use a script to do the same thing and not be in a rush: Proposed as answer by Darius Lovitt Tuesday, July 26, 5: Tuesday, August 10, 1:

Canon Printer Driver Uninstall

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CNET's Forum on PC hardware is the best source for finding help, troubleshooting, and getting buying advice from a community of experts. Hello, Today I started to have a problem out of my printer. I have a Canon s I am using XP. I cannot contact tech support because it will cost me. I cannot uninstall the print driver. I have tried to uninstall this threw safe mode as well. I need to uninstall it and reinstall it to get my printer working.

How to Find Canon Printer Drivers

Canon Printer Driver Uninstall

Drivers that run printers frequently go awry. Fixing the problem is not difficult, if you know what to do. Click on "start" in the bottom left of your screen from the desktop. Make sure all programs are closed. Right-click on "Computer" and select "properties" from the pop-up window. If using Windows XP, continue to Step 3. Windows Vista users, proceed to Step 4. XP users, click on the "Hardware" tab in the properties window. Near the top of the next window you should see a button that says "Device Manager.

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