Ati Mobility Radeon Hd 5470 Driver Download For Toshiba Laptops Latest

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Ati Mobility Radeon Hd 5470 Driver Download For Toshiba Laptops Install Update

Ok so i have a laptop for about 3. Thx for your time. More about ati mobility radeon drivers. Phillip Corcoran Aug 14, , Get the latest drivers from the laptop maker's website - - in the "Support" section. Your issues indicate something other than simply an old driver though in my view. If old driver worked okay before, and no hardware has been changed, old driver should still work okay now.

I don't believe in updating drivers just for the sake of it when everything works okay. I know everything is not okay with your laptop but like I said, I think something else needs fixing, not the driver.

It's possible the driver is corrupt though, so like I said, get new driver from laptop maker's website and see if that fixes it. If maker has closed website or you can't find your laptop model, go direct to the AMD website: Ok i will try the driver update first 1 question doe will the windows update toll do the job of updating the drivers??

Can't find your answer? Windows Update cannot be relied upon for the latest drivers. In any case, if your laptop is running XP or Vista, Microsoft has already ended support for those versions no more updates. So that's no longer an option. Ok so i went to the asus website and all i can update is a bios update and that update is from I am running the windows 7 64 version. Don't mess with BIOS updates, you could end up with a dead laptop.

What's your laptop model? K72DR Is my laptop model from asus. You've aready got the latest AMD Radeon graphics driver for that lappy model - - - released 12 May Nothing since then, not for the K72Dr. Wouldn't do any harm to try re-installing it though. It's in the "Chipset" category: Well i mean i downloaded the amd driver tool and it found some drivers but when it finished it was just a black screen and i had too boot up a windows version that still worked.

Maybe i need to uninstall the older ones first? Yes, you could try that. I don't know what else to suggest so good luck. Ask a new question.

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Ati Mobility Radeon Hd 5470 Driver Download For Toshiba Laptops

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5470

It is manufactured in 40nm and is based on the Park XT architecture of entry level graphic chips dedicated. Therefore, all current games should be playable in low-medium details. Less demanding games like Left 4 Dead should run in high detail settings. Due to the high clock speed of the chip, the gap is not that big. The new version is able to decode two HD streams simultaneously e. Since the Flash Of course, this depends on how many monitor outputs the laptop vendor adds to the laptop and how they are wired.

ati mobility radeon hd 5470 drivers

Ati Mobility Radeon Hd 5470 Driver Download For Toshiba Laptops

Tried to update my HP Pavilion DV6 sa Laptop to windows 10 it updated ok but the graphics driver did not work so i updated the driver to the new crucial windows 10 amd update. Windows 10 would not allow the driver stating it had known issues. Anyone having similar problems. Are AMD sorting the driver problems that microsoft are saying exist. You may have the same problem I had three weeks ago. The latest Drivers Please note you will also need the stop Windows 10 updates for the The link on how to do that is also below. Link for Beta Drivers: Link to stop temporarily prevent Windows 10 updates or bad drivers: Thank you so much for your way to fix the problem.

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