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Sata Ide To Usb Adapter Driver Download Install Update

The included external power adapter will allow you to power your drives outside your system giving you the ability to quickly add or swap between drives without opening your case.

Here are some information on the connection to help you get started and troubleshoot the problem. Select the type of drive you are using and follow the instruction closely and in this sequence to get the adapter to work.

Follow the picture and make sure the hard drive is secure and properly connected to the device. Do not connect the USB to the computer yet. Proceed to connect the power to the hard drive. There are two LED on the ac adapter. Wait while the computer detects the device and automatically install USB drivers. Sometime older drives may take as longer as 45 seconds to be detected. Once the drivers are installed, the computer should see the hard drive in My Computers.

Check the instruction on the label of the drive, it should show the jumper setting for different setup like Master, Slave, CS Cable Select setting. Sometime in very rare cases, using is still not working correctly; you should try or Mode. Sometime older drives may take as longer as 45 seconds to a whole minute to be detected. Wrong connection will kill the disk instantly once plug in. Please be very careful. There are two sets of pins, a 4 pin and a 44 pin. If you are still not sure, please write or call us for assistance.

Plug in the SATA power to the power connector on the hard drive. Once the drivers are updated, it will automatically see the device and work correctly. From that point on you should be able to determine if the drive is there or the status of the drive.

Yes, the USB 2. I took a hard drive out of an older notebook but the interface is different from what is available to connect the adapter, how can I get it to work? Some notebook manufacturer uses an adapter interface to connect the hard drive to the notebook.

How do I get power to the 2. Please use an external powered USB Hub for the 2. What type of symptom will I get if the drive is under powered?

You may see problems like not able to see the drive, asking you to format the drive, drive spinning up and down, clicking sound or disconnection symptom. Yes, it will work your Mac OS X No, it will not work as a boot device.

What can I do? If you have important data on the hard drive, do not format the drive. Please answer NO and use data recovery software to recover your data. My old computer cannot boot and I took the drive out. Due to security reason, you do not have rights to the data on the old computer.

You can access the data by taking ownership of the data so that you can get your data back. You can search on the web for instructions on how to take ownership of files or folders. No, it will not work with Advanced Format 4K sector Drives.

My computer crush and I cannot boot to Windows. It depends on the cause of the computer crush. If the crush is cause by files corruption or other software problem not related to the hard drive, you should be able to retrieve the data. I have other questions that is not listed here, what can I do?

There are two set of instruction. Please use the right set of instruction for your System. If you have important data on this drive, DO NOT go any further, please backup your data before you continue. These steps will erase ALL your data on the drive. This will launch the Run the utility. This is where you can format, create, and delete hard drive partitions. This will launch a popup window and select disk management. If you have more than one blank drive that needs to be initialized it will list them.

Make sure that there is a check in the box of the drive that needs to be initialized, select check MBR if your hard drive is smaller than 2TB, if it is greater than 2TB, please check GPT and then left-click on the Ok button. If the wizard does show up, go to step 5. If the wizard does not show up, please see the note and additional images directly below.

If you do not see the Initialize Disk wizard, manually start the initialization. The drive that needs to be initialized should have a little circle with a red arrow pointing down like in the image below. The drive is now initialized. The disk should have a black bar and say that it is Unallocated. You should now be able to create a partition and format the hard drive. Once the formatting is done, your system will report the presense of a new drive with an assigned drive letter.

You can begin using the storage. All our standard products comes with 1 year warranty. Some special products may have longer warranty, please check the product page for more information. If you have questions about our product, please contact our support team for assistance. They are very helpful and can answer and assist with our products. You do not need to register the product.

For warranty purpose we require the invoice or proof of purchase. If you purchase it from a store and have the physical receipt, take a clear picture of the receipt, email to yourself and save it in your email warranty folder create one if you do not have one.

If you purchase it online, you can save the invoice email to your email warranty folder. If you purchase online, the online store may have your purchase history that may help. All products warranty is for one year, if you do not need them any more after a year clear that email. Have everything disconnected 2. Reboot the computer 3. Sometime older drives may take as longer as 45 seconds to be detected 8.

Sometime older drives may take as longer as 45 seconds to a whole minute to be detected 8. Troubleshooting guide for Hardware. As for the device hardware, Here is a troubleshooting tip to make sure that the AC adapter is working correctly: Troubleshooting the AC Adapter: This is what should happen in parenthesis 1.

When you find it. Right-click on the red arrow and choose Initialize Disk. Now right click the unallocated space and click create a New Simple Volume shown below: You can do the following: With this you will have a central place for all your receipts.

Sata Ide To Usb Adapter Driver Download

USB 2.0 IDE/SATA cable/interface - Driver required?

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SATA/ IDE to USB 2.0 Adapter

Sata Ide To Usb Adapter Driver Download

I have a USB 2. The drives do run up ok, via the separate power supply. No driver cd was supplied with the device, and the vendor insists that I don't need a driver for Windows XP. The black plastic device has 2. Can anyone advise me, or point me in the direction of a solution? More about sata cable interface driver required. Can't find your answer?

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