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By Norman

Nvidia Driver Takes Forever To Download Install Update

Haven't received registration validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out. Forums Posts Latest Posts. View More Photo Galleries. Essentials Only Full Version. I just installed my two s and am installing the The installation has been running for probably 10 minutes now and still has not finished. IT seems to really be taking a long time.

I did the full un-install, safe boot, sweep, etc. I finally got it to work. Computer is definitely not frozen and I see the hard drive light show some activity.

I have had driver installs be slow, but never like this. Can someone please tell me if they had this as well. Or, do I have a problem? Doesn't sound normal to me. I don't have a fermi card yet, but I'd have to question taking this long. YerBuddy Doesn't sound normal to me. It is still installing! Just crazy, but I don't dare touch it while it is doing its thing. Took me about 5 min from dl to install Use my guide to remove any traces of old gpu drives.

I guess I will kill it and start it all over again. I just want to play with my new toy! It is dragging along again. I wonder if it is hanging at the HDaudio installation part?

When I killed it to start over all again, I found there was another setup process I had to kill before I could delete the HD Audio install folder within the Nvidia directory. I am at a loss of what to do, other than maybe trying the drivers on the CD. But, I thought the I have never encountered this with a driver install before and I have done tons of them. Yes, in some cases it can take up to about 10 minutes, how long has it been going?

Jacob, I have been trying for an hour now. I gave up on the first try after about 45 minutes. It has been a good 10 minutes on this try now. I will try that now Hmmmm ya that doesn't sound normal. I just installed the Am i just jinxed with the s? First all the drama with NewEgg and now this.

I am also uninstalling Design Garage this time around. Try installing with just one card first. The install should only take a couple of minutes. I think it was the Nvidia Design Garage. I bet it should be uninstalled as well. It installed this time rather quickly.

Donta, might want to add that to your list of Nvidia things to uninstall? Time Spy Extreme FS: Silver Spring, MD Status: Intel Core i7 k 4.

Nvidia Driver Takes Forever To Download

NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Drivers

It makes me want to throw my keyboard through the window. I'm starting to hate driver updates. I don't have that problem at all. It always downloads in seconds for me through NV Experience. It installs super fast too. Sounds like an issue on your end, not Nvidia's. The download speed is the biggest problem. As for slow-ish installation, I have no idea what could be causing it. I have no issue at all downloading drivers through NVE I have never had issues with drivers with Nvidia or AMD over the last 5 years.

Driver installations taking forever and usually failing?

Nvidia Driver Takes Forever To Download

I just formatted my computer and was installing drivers for my GTX Ti. It is currently saying its install Windows NET. Is this supposed to take this long or is something wrong? More about taking forever install graphics card drivers. If there was a bunch of ancillary software that had to be updated or installed to support the drivers, and your machine isn't necessarily peppy or otherwise at the top of it's game, yes, it can take a very long time to do what otherwise would be a pretty rudimentary task. How well does a car run when you only change the motor oil once, every 20, miles? In the case of a fresh Windows installation, however, there's usually a bunch of software missing that needs be installed for some drivers to be functional.

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