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Xiaomi Portable Wifi Driver Download Install Update

The dongle sucks internet data from the PC and disperses it in the form of Wi-Fi network. You can then connect any WiFi enabled device to this network and access internet. All it needs is a free USB port on an internet-connected desktop or laptop computer. You can also use it on a laptop if its WLAN card is not functioning. The only hard thing about setting the device is that the provided software is in Chinese.

Setting up the Mi Pocket WiFi for a quick hotspot is a fairly easy task. You can also use other options such as block list and speed limiter. There is no option to change the language, but a quick registry hack can change many options within the software to English.

Alternatively, open Registry Editor regedit. Here, change the value for Language from c hinese to english. Just follow these simple steps:. You can also download and install the Android app to access shared files or to upload files from the phone to PC. The app also has options to remotely shut down the PC. You will then be able to connect to nearby WiFi networks and access the internet. If you wish to change the mode back to WiFi Hotspot, you should repeat the same steps above.

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Email me when somebody replies to my comment. Its not changing the language. Open Windows registry and go to this location: In here you will find the language key and it will say chinese. Double click on language and replace chinese with english. Then click on OK and restart the Mi Wifi app. Thank you for the update, Richard. Yeah, the registry key is not there on Window Please let us know when you have a fix.

Thanks for the great guide on how to setup this device! Could you check if the method that you described with the registry key still works? Hi Richard, Sorry for the trouble. Can you please try browsing the registry and changing the value manually? Thanks for the fast reply! I also noticed that the Xiaomi rigistry is missing. Not a big deal tho, everything works wel. I did try it on Windows 10 only when writing this guide. Maybe the updated software has brought changes.

Subscribe to our mailing list and get interesting stuff and updates to your email inbox. Get weekly updates via email! Do you like this post? You may also like. Click here to post a comment. Yes, I tried, it was already changed to english on language spot and nothing changed. Hi guys, I have found the problem. The registry key for the language is on a different location now. Hi, Thanks for the great guide on how to setup this device!

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Xiaomi Portable Wifi Driver Download

Xiaomi Mi Pocket WiFi USB Router/Adapter Setup Guide in English

Credits Management To last page. Go to reply no. This post was edited by leonlee82 at Mi Wifi Portablerecently has a new upgrade! The update also comes with a value of over onehundred RMB spree game, let Wifi Portable unprecedented value skyrocketed.

Download Xiaomi USB Driver for Windows | All Xiaomi Devices

Xiaomi Portable Wifi Driver Download

Also, the device has a 1 terabyte of cloud storage on the server. Connect your computer , laptop or mobile phone Xiaomi this device to access the Internet. All connected Soup will be connected to the same local network. The best product I have ever bought. Cool features, you can control almost everything with it. The best part is that I don't need a PC to download movies. App is really good. II never heard of this brand before but the experience I had with their router, now I have their phone,camera ,lights everything. Apple is not allowed in my house anymore. My suggestion, if you looking for a router with tons of features, buy this one.

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